Anton Volkov

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Working at Fintech

I'm being a part of the company that innovates the financial industry by embracing modern technology to create a next generation stock exchange. The name of the company is nx'change.

Worked at Adtech

For the good 3 years, I have been part of the Fyber Group. I have developed API, optimized software and worked a lot on keeping an application running under lots of traffic.

Started a Company

I have started to work on my startup in 2011. In 2012 I have moved to San Francisco with my co-founder to work on changing a magazine industry by creating a product to convert old fashion magazines into a digital version. By the end of 2012, I have finished working on projects due to lack of funding.

Used to be Hacker

I have been a part of unl0ck group where we were expressing our passion for computers by searching for security vulnerabilities in software and writing exploits. Some of my old stuff can be found here:

Aviation enthusiast

I have a passion for aviation and I did few things to scratch an itch. Firstly, I have worked on creating a simulation of aircraft in cooperation with amazing 3d artist Javier Rollon. Check out a video demo below:

Secondly, about a year ago I made a first step to get my Private Pilot License.

Making a turn on final runway 23 at strausberg! #generalaviation #aviation #flying #germany

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Hobby cyclist

I'm enjoying riding my race bicycle on the weekends and preparing for my first race next year. Check me out on strava.

Wannabe Improv Performer

I had my first improv show recently and looking forward to have a next one.

Today was a coolest thing I have done in a while! Today I had my first improv show! Thank to everyone who came to see our performance! #improvisation #theater #stage

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